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T-BONE- The Boneyard Box Set

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The Album “The Boneyard Box Set” by T-BONE was Released on Dec 31, 1992  by ℗ 1993 Boneyard Records but is now available as a 2019 release on amazon music and contains the following 45 tracks


  1. Jabbin’ the Jaw
  2. Redeemed Hoodlum
  3. Rugged Rhyme Sayer
  4. Commin’ of da Judgment
  5. Lyrical Assassin
  6. Saved to da Bone
  7. Da Protecta, Da
  8. Divided We Fall
  9. Barrio Blues
  10. Predicador De La Calle
  11. Hoodlums Prayer
  12. Throwin’ out Tha Wicked
  13. Thief in the Night
  14. Straight up Psycho
  15. Amen Somebody, Pt.
  16. Drunk in Tha Spirit
  17. Pushin’ up Daisies (feat. E-Dogg)
  18. Still Jabbin’
  19. em’ Demons
  20. Amen Somebody, Pt.
  21. on & On &…
  22. Too Many Pleitos
  23. Life After Death (feat. Mista Grimm)
  24. Crazy Hispanic
  25. Madd Skillz
  26. Lyrical Assassin (Remix)
  27. Dave’s Not Here
  28. To Tha Homies
  29. Another Hoodlums Prayer
  30. Straighten It Out
  31. Demon Executor
  32. Hurt and Pain
  33. Tomorrow’s Not Promised
  34. Keep on Praisin’
  35. Kill Tha Lies
  36. Puttin’ It Down
  37. Growin Up
  38. Flock Together
  39. Ministry vs Industry
  40. Organized Rhyme
  41. Saved to da Bone (Remix)
  42. Little Jackie (feat. Crystal Lewis)
  43. It Ain’t Easy
  44. Demon Killa
  45. What a Fool I’ve Been (feat. Crystal Lewis)
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