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Be a Radio Minister / Dee Jay

Join Us “On The Air”  as we minister to people world wide on the radio with encouraging music, positive messages, scripture, and the sharing of our own personal transforming journey with Christ.  The world of radio is ever expanding and so is the need for those willing to communicate the gospel over the airwaves of 316.FM.

Ever thought about what it would be like to be on the radio? Well, it is fun and exciting and there truly is nothing in the world like it. Ministering the Word of God with potentially tens of thousands of people hearing what you say is nothing but exhilarating!  Have you ever thought listening to the latest Christian music and being IN THE KNOW on all the latest trends, artists, and songs would be EXCITING?   Ever felt you would be a great communicator and that you have style?  Has anyone mentioned you would sound good on the radio? Desire to be part of a high impact ministry where your work today is heard all over the world?  Desire to store up treasures in heaven while walking closely with Jesus? Then this is the opportunity you are looking for! Welcome to the world of 316.FM – A world that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!


  • Must have a heart to serve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, as well as his people
  • Be willing to communicate verbally what is needed by station manager
  • Be willing to communicate about your life in Christ
  • Be willing to read scripture out loud for the benefit of yourself and others
  • Must have your own quality microphone and method or recording as well as reasonable broadcasting talent.  We are not necessarily looking only for superstars, but if you are one or one in the making that is great too! Email us a sample with the equipment you currently have and we will let you know if it works for us.  Please read something similar to the following sentence in your sample to us: ” You are listening to Jesus Jamz ,316.FM , The Celebration Station, where we play the hottest Christian hits, the best in Christian Rock, Screamo, Punk, Electronic Dance Music and Much Much More. Now, back to the AMAZING music.”  We will evaluate your equipment and your talent and get back to you within 1 week to let you know. If you end up needing or would like help getting equipped, we can help you choose what would work within your budget. Our consultation is free for those desiring to volunteer. Regarding talent, we are mostly just looking for good annunciation so we can understand what you are saying, unique communication styles, and moderately pleasant voices.  This is not America’s Got Talent or anything, so give it a go if you think you might like helping with this.  We intend to have fun and grow while serving Christ, whatever your talent, we can work with most people. Send Voice Sample To :
  • Be willing to sign a statement of faith acknowledging that you are a born again Christian as written on our How to Know Jesus Page.
  • Volunteer approximately 5 hours per week
  • Please consider raising money /selling sponsors for your own shift.  Any donations to help us stay on the air spreading the word is greatly appreciated.  Ask us for details as to how you can make some extra money promoting your own show.

Be A Dee Jay

Join us ``ON THE AIR``

Jesus Jamz 316.FM is "THE CELEBRATION STATION! " We celebrate the love of Jesus Christ in our lives and are not ashamed to say the name JESUS. You are, as of right now, officially invited to join in! Come on in and find out what all the commotion is about regarding 316.FM and why we are so excited to be broadcasting 24/7! With amazing style found only on JESUS JAMZ, you'll hear the latest Contemporary Christian Hits and the absolute best in Christian Rock! This is the only place on the planet where you'll hear the most spiritually moving CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN HITS, CHRISTIAN ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC, CHRISTIAN ROCK, CHRISTIAN METAL, CHRISTIAN SCREAMO, CHRISTIAN PUNK, CHRISTIAN ADULT CONTEMPORARY, CHRISTIAN OLDIES, and "On our knees Seeking God's face and heart" WORSHIP! We play it all, because quite simply - we believe He made it all! We believe " jammin' for the lamb is amazin' and Jesus is the one with all the good Jamz!". WELCOME! COME ON IN! Be sure to tell your friends about us and visit us on our social media networks.
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