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John 3:16 (NIV)
16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

About Us


A. Our vision is to create and support radio stations that can be heard worldwide with one purpose in mind: To Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our God is creative and desires that everyone would have an opportunity to hear the good news of the gospel. We believe part of his plan to is to use creative people to reach the nations!  316.FM is part of that creative group of people God is using and freely invite others to join us without regard to their age, color, creed, sex, denomination, or current technical expertise. We are simply seeking people desiring an outlet to share  their love for Christ – so, come join us in a revolution that will bring Christ to the 4 corners of the globe and beyond (even to the men and women living in outerspace)!

B. We can provide all the technical expertise necessary for radio stations to start and succeed, however, what we really need are people willing to speak about and share their love for Jesus. We need diligent people that are willing to take a stand for Christ. Regardless of your current position or age, we believe you are needed in the body of Christ.   If you are reading this and are born again, then, Christ will indeed work through your faith to bring salavation to others.  Period.  We need people that have a backbone derived from walking out the gospel.  We need people that have faith in their hearts that Jesus is the Christ.  We live in the now and serve dilligently while acting on faith for a harvest of gargantuan proportions. If you care about the lives of people God is reaching for, we can surely band together shoulder to shoulder to witness many great miracles of God. If you have ever desired to serve God in  “any way whatsoever” we have been expecting you! Welcome to 316.FM!

*Note: Amongst the services that we can provide includes everything normally involved in mid to high level digital project management, initial setup and ongoing maintenance of online radio stations, initial and ongoing training, digital graphic design, audio editing, website design, SEO, Social Network Marketing, Proximity Marketing, Google Marketing and much more! Each of these services support and maximize our efforts to promote the Gospel through the use of media, particularly broadcasting.  See our list of services below.

C. We have a hearts desire to help you succeed, we have received a call on our hearts from God to help others reach people for Jesus (even as we attempt to).  We are excited to meet anyone interested in using media to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

D. Our overall goal now is to start and support more than 10,000 radio stations that communicate the word of God in various forms. To do this, we need every able minded Christian that reads this page and desires to see the name of Jesus lifted up to join us as a ministry partner or assistant!


We are currently seeking and selecting ministry partners that have a desire to see the word of God go forth.  If you desire to share Jesus with others via media and communications (or learn how to) then we would like to invite you to inquire about how you can join our ministry and efforts. We would also like to let you know that the ministry of 316.FM, for the most part, exists to encourage and help you in your efforts to promote the kingdom!

A. Broadcast Partners -We will help you with everything needed to have a successful broadcast of your own. If you have a church or ministry or idea already in place, then we can help bring your new broadcast to life.  We are also a perfect match for anyone with a broadcasting background desiring to start or continue with broadcasting and podcasting.

B. Inhouse Partners– We are currently looking for people who would like to be in charge of starting and managing the following inhouse station formats:

1. Worship
2. Adult Contemporary/Worship
3. Hot Hits / Rock Station (BROADCASTING 24/7! – All new music! AMAZING SOUND!  Need voice over artists.)  
4. CDM – Christian Dance Music
5. ROCK / Alternative
6. Screemo / Death Metal / Metal
7. Primarily Punk
8. Talk Radio
9. Around the Clock Contemporary Christian Music Countdowns (SETUP IN PROGRESS)
10. 80’s CCM
11. 90’s CCM
12. Vintage / Oldies
13. Christian Country
14. Sermon Only Radio
15. Continuous Bible Reading by 316.FM Bible Embassadors
16. Christian Rap
17. Independent Christian Artist Only Station (This would help our upcoming artists tremendously!)
18. Have an idea? We can partner directly to make it happen.


We are seeking assistants that would be willing to help with our various in-house broadcasts (such as Jesus Jamz) and other partner broadcasts.

Help Needed:

Prayer Partners (While we expect our teams to pray for each other, we also need prayer warriors who serve our team and our listeners.)
General Web Assistant
(directs, organizes content and media to our website, facebook, twitter, etc)
Data Assistants (Collects data on artists, cd covers, songs, articles, spreadsheet, maintains database)
Content Writers (Writes to various publications such as websites and social media)
Graphic Designers (Creates logos for 316.FM, Partner Radio Station websites, deals with album covers,  advertisment graphics, and more!)
Website Designers (Creates New Websites for 316.FM, Partner Radio Station websites, landing pages, and more!)
Interview Scheduler (Schedules interviews with artists, authors, people of interest in the Christian community)
Dee Jays (Creates Daily On Air Content)
Voice Over Artists (Creates Commercials, Promos, Imaging, and more!)
Audio editors (Makes our radio sound amazing! Possibly the most important job in radio… techs that can mix it and produce it!)
Video editors (Creates Commercials, Promos, Special Content, and more!)
Bible Embassadors
(Willing to read the bible outloud?  Then come join us! You will make an impact of gargantuan proportions.)
(Willing to preach it?  Bring it brothers and sisters!)
Music Programmers (Love music and willing to listen to thousands of Christian songs for free? Then this may be the best place on the planet! LOL.  Must be critical of content, quality, and format which is the hard part. Especially when so many artists are blessed at making great music.)
Database Developers (MySql, spreadsheets, and strong analytical skills needed)
Presentation Profressionals (We need people that are communication experts to explain our ideas and willing to partner to establish our vision)
Program Developers (Willing to create amazing radio content, particularly with medium to long story arcs, for listeners of all ages and walks of life.)
Equipment Specialists (Willing to help other broadcasters obtain the equipment they need for great economical broadcasts)


1. We offer the opportunity for you to begin broadcasting with a Christ-centered radio station of your own. It can be anything the Lord directs it to be. Music station, talk radio about your ministry, talk radio preaching and teaching, broadcasting church sermons, broadcasting your music as a musician in a continuous loop, news and more! It is all up to what you and God decide. Our mission is to assist as needed so you can succeed.

2. Services – We offer all the services you may need to get a radio station started including but not limited to the following:
a. Radio Station Setup
b. Audio Editing
c. Voice over Services
d. Website Design Services (A-Z, from building and hosting to domain and email)
e. Graphic Design / Logo and branding services
e. Promotional Services such as SEO, Marketplace, Facebook and more.
f. Proximity Push Messaging  – Send unlimited push messages to smartphones in a specific area.  Messages can proclaim the gospel / direct them to your station / ministry website.
f. Cross-Pollination with our other network stations (We will advertise your radio station on our other network stations and websites.)

3. Equipment / Software
a. Proximity Devices and programming
b. Microphones, boards, other needed equipment
c. Software Solutions

4. Consultation
a. How to begin
b. Equipment needs
c. Growing forward
d. Business help – how to start your ministry or broadcast business legally.
e. What to broadcast and how to promote your ministry

5. Broadcast Education / Training
a. Learn how to conduct broadcasting – being the Dee Jay
b. Voice Overs
c. Copy Writing
d. Quick Audio Editing for broadcasting with Adobe Audition


We empower believers to spread the gospel by providing them with encouragement from the word of God, connection with other brothers and sisters in Christ, and by providing technical tools that can reach the nations! These tools include but are not limited to various media such as Internet radio (our goal is to help every church, organization, or individual who desires to spread the gospel through radio), Video Communications, Internet and Print Media, and Proximity Broadcasting. In the future, we believe we will also be utilizing and training in many other forms of communication such as microwave radio, traditional and non-traditional terrestrial radio, Short Distance AM Radio, traditional and non-traditional terrestrial television, space-based communications, and more!


We are here to serve “anyone and everyone” that desires to hear about and/or declare with us the truth of Jesus Christ.  You are welcome here!

No matter who you are or what walk of life you come from, we invite you to put on the full armor of God and to take up arms against the enemy with us.  Together, with the Holy Spirit at the forefront, we will march forward shoulder to shoulder with tremendous strength. With praise flowing from our lips and with reverence to the one and only true Lord – Jesus Christ, we will witness the rescuing of the fallen, minister via the Holy Spirit to widows, orphans, the lost and the broken, and bring hope to all who listen!


It is our goal to participate in flooding the Internet and the world with the message of the gospel so that lives can be saved and new believers and followers of Christ can be made every day! To do that, we believe it is important to make it as easy and exciting as possible for every Christian to share their faith.  The tools, services, and opportunities found on 316.FM are intended to help someone come to know Jesus as well as share about His love.  When you start looking into our solutions, we believe you will find them to be extremely innovative, tech-savvy, and some can even make every moment you are with others (even at the mall) extremely exciting!  Our solutions, while effective, are also normally quite easy to set up and KEEP GOING. We help you to get the most for your time and expand your effort! We are personally very excited about the vision God has given us and find it extremely fun to share Jesus with these new and/or simple methods.


Our vital mission is to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ!  We believe it is absolutely critical to share the message of Salvation so that “not even one would perish”.  We are called to represent Christ with life-changing evangelistic efforts, feed God’s sheep with the Word of God (as many as possible), and assist others as they heed their call to do the same.

As we spend time pursuing God, we have come to continuously believe that it is possible for us and our future group of ministry partners to reach “the 4 corners of the globe” (and even those living in space), with the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Jesus longs to be with and weeps for each lost soul and desires that we all would know Him for who He truly is. Tragically, millions of people are living their entire lives without ever acquiring the saving knowledge of our personal savior, Jesus Christ.  They die without knowing His full truth, without receiving his love, and without knowing how to live a “LIFE TO THE FULL”. God says there is no hope for heaven without the reception of His son. Only those who believe in Jesus Christ as their personal savior will enter paradise and share eternity with our glorious and loving father.

We praise the Lord with our whole heart because of the hope He has given us, and hope that you do too! We celebrate with our brothers and sisters in Christ and with all the angels of heaven because of the grace that we have received. His grace is truly AMAZING! It is because of the wonderful miracle-working power of God in our lives that it has become our deepest desire, beyond anything else in this world, to give everyone an opportunity to receive Jesus (as we have).

It is by the power of the blood and the resurrection of Jesus Christ that we can be reunited to the father, receive healing from the Holy Spirit of God, receive God’s love, and ultimately be set free from the chains of bondage that keep us in sin. In our freedom and now as friends of Christ and heirs of His kingdom, we are empowered to tell the truth of his love to all that will listen! So, with our hearts torn for the lost and with grace filling our lives, we are answering HIS call to bring the gospel to the nations.

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Jesus Jamz 316.FM is "THE CELEBRATION STATION! " We celebrate the love of Jesus Christ in our lives and are not ashamed to say the name JESUS. You are, as of right now, officially invited to join in! Come on in and find out what all the commotion is about regarding 316.FM and why we are so excited to be broadcasting 24/7! With amazing style found only on JESUS JAMZ, you'll hear the latest Contemporary Christian Hits and the absolute best in Christian Rock! This is the only place on the planet where you'll hear the most spiritually moving CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN HITS, CHRISTIAN ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC, CHRISTIAN ROCK, CHRISTIAN METAL, CHRISTIAN SCREAMO, CHRISTIAN PUNK, CHRISTIAN ADULT CONTEMPORARY, CHRISTIAN OLDIES, and "On our knees Seeking God's face and heart" WORSHIP! We play it all, because quite simply - we believe He made it all! We believe " jammin' for the lamb is amazin' and Jesus is the one with all the good Jamz!". WELCOME! COME ON IN! Be sure to tell your friends about us and visit us on our social media networks.
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